3 Factors Fuelling Automotive Active Health Monitoring System Market

Press Release

The automotive active health monitoring system market is witnessing powerful expansion due to the increase in obese and diabetic population that requires constant monitoring. Automobile active health surveillance refers to monitoring of key drivers ‘ signs including fatigue, sleepiness and distraction. Automotive active health monitoring includes health technologies that help improve safety in a car.

The system is built into the car, which helps to drive safely. Health and state of mind of drivers is a very important safe driving factor. This new technology is expected to greatly benefit drivers with chronic diseases. The importance of this technology will increase further in the coming years in growing instances of common disorders such as obesity and diabetes.

Here are 3 factors fuelling the global automotive active health market are:

  • Surge in Incidence of Chronic Diseases

Market is prognosticated to grow due to an increase in chronic diseases throughout the world as a result of poor lifestyles, poor diet and an increasing level of stress. Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death in the US. The main cause of road accident mortality in Europe is chronic diseases. This is one of the leading factors that is expected to generate high demand in the global automotive active health monitoring system market.

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  • Emergence of In-Car Infotainment

Growing advancements in infotainment systems of cars, increasing potential of connected cars and improving infrastructure are some of the major factors driving the market for automotive health monitoring systems.

  • Growing Focus of OEMs on Improving Vehicle Offerings

Several OEMs are focusing on the research and development of active health monitoring system on the vehicle seat type health monitoring, in order to provide a unique product offering. The rising demand for luxury and safety features in vehicles is also at play. This is one of the key factors propelling the global automotive active health monitoring system market.


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