Adhatoda Vasica Extract Market : Research Reveals the Influences for Future Industry Growth

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Adhatoda vasica extract is valuable for the pharmaceutical industries and is mainly used in the synthesis of medicines like syrup, tablets, and oils which is expected to be the major factor Therefore, Adhatoda vasica extract market is expected get substantial growth in the coming years.

Adhatoda vasica extract is used in the number of formulations which are used in respiratory disorders like asthma, cough, and breathlessness. Apart from these usage, Adhatoda vasica extract is also rich in vitamin C and carotenes which are essential for good vision and healthy skin. Whole Adhatoda vasica plant including root, bark, and leaves are used to treat the breathing problems. Even the concoction of the leaves can be facilitate the birth of the child. In many parts of the world, the extract of Adhatoda vasica is used to treat spasm and congestion.

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Adhatoda vasica extract market: segmentation

Adhatoda vasica extract market is segmented on the basis of product type, end user, and distribution channel.

Adhatoda vasica extract market is segmented on the basis of product type which includes capsule, powder, and juice. Adhatoda vasica extract capsule and juice is beneficial for the relief of bronchial spasm, congestion, and asthma. Adhatoda vasica powder is taken with lukewarm water once or twice in a day to get relief from bronchitis, cold and flu.

Adhatoda vasica extract market is segmented on the basis of the end user as retail and industrial. In the industrial segment, Adhatoda vasica extract is directly sold to the pharmaceutical manufacturer and in retail segment. The retail segment is further sub-segmented on the basis of the distribution channel.

Adhatoda vasica extract market is sub-segmented on the basis of distribution channel which includes hypermarket/supermarket, retail store, online stores, and specialized stores.

Adhatoda Vasica market: regional outlook

Adhatoda vasica is native to Asia Pacific region, India dominates in the production of Adhatoda vasica as the major global exports are done by India. Adhatoda vasica is also produced in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. Adhatoda vasica extract is available all over the world through various channels like online store, retail store and supermarket. Adhatoda vasica extract market in North America, Latin America is growing owing to its benefits in healthcare. In Western and Eastern Europe Adhatoda vasica market is also expected to grow due to ongoing research and development of Adhatoda vasica products to utilize its pharmaceutical benefits. Production and utilization of Adhatoda vasica extract is traditional in Africa, people in Africa use the concoction of Adhatoda vasica to reduce respiratory problems. Africa may become one of the leading manufacturers of Adhatoda vasica.

Adhatoda vasica extract market: drivers

Adhatoda vasica extract market is derived by the factors like expectorant activity, antispasmodic action and ability to cure asthma and bronchitis. Adhatoda vasica extracts are primarily used in the pharmaceutical products which keep in a person healthy. Research and development of products containing Adhatoda vasica extract is expected to increase the growth of Adhatoda vasica extract market and may help in generation of huge profit to the manufacturers in terms of capital gain.

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Adhatoda vasica extract market: Restraints

Adhatoda vasica extract is very useful in healthcare but there are concerns related to the use of this product which may be responsible for resistance to the growth of this market. Consumption of Adhatoda vasica extract in high dosage can cause diarrhea and sometimes nausea which may restraint the market of Adhatoda vasica extract. Adhatoda vasica is native to Asia Pacific region therefore, it is less known globally for the benefits it possesses this may be another restraint for Adhatoda vasica extract market.

Adhatoda vasica extract market: key players

The key players manufacturing and selling the Adhatoda extracts in the market are The Himalaya Drug Company, Patanjali Ayurveda, Sabinsa Corporation, Biobaxy technologies and Dr Wakdes.


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