Diagnostic Endoscopy Procedures Market Latest Report with Forecast to 2025

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Diagnostic Endoscopy Procedures Market: Overview

Diagnostic endoscopy refers to a procedure that is non-surgical and makes usage of an endoscope, enables physicians to see the internal organs and vessels of patients so as to diagnose diseases of the urinary tract, intestine, stomach, ear, colon, joints, nose, lungs, throat and many other medical conditions.

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Endoscopy makes an offering of numerous benefits like it offers an elaborate view of the organ so as to help the physician in making correct diagnosis and enables early detection of various types of cancers through extraction of tissue samples for the purpose of biopsy and detection of lesions. Diagnostic endoscopy is comparatively easy to conduct, more cost-effective, and it comes with relatively low risk to the patient and this becomes quite significant in an environment where governments are making efforts so as to diminish the cost of healthcare through various reforms.

Taking into consideration of the international vendor scenario, the international market for diagnostic endoscopy procedures can be considered as moderately fragmented with the market players focusing on strategically important partnerships, collaborations, mergers, and acquisitions.

Diagnostic Endoscopy Procedures Market: Trends and Opportunities

All these growth promoting elements together with the changes in the profile of diseases owing to the expanding base of aging population, augmented awareness amongst the patients and physicians about the advantages of diagnostic endoscopy and ever changing lifestyle of the population, and these factors are making contribution towards the growth of these procedures across the globe. People who are aged about 60 years and above have been projected to hold around 17% of the total population of the world by the year 2030, up from the present share of around 12%. In addition to that, non-communicable diseases held around 70% of the total deaths across the globe in the year 2015.

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Various government initiatives like colorectal cancer screening program in the U.S., screening for bowel cancer and cervical cancer are being offered to adults by the National Health Service (NHS) in the U.K., and the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program in Australia are fuelling the progress of the world market for diagnostic endoscopy. For instance, a survey that has been conducted in the U.S. discovered that around 15 million colonoscopies were conducted in the year 2012 alone.

Diagnostic Endoscopy Procedures Market: Geography

The international market for diagnostic endoscopy procedures can be divided into five major geographies of Middle East & Africa, Latin America, North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. The region of North America is estimated to account for the maximum proportion of procedures that are conducted across the world owing to the intensive penetration of minimally invasive technologies amongst the healthcare facilities. In addition to that, healthcare reform in the U.S., which is geared towards the reduction the costs and improvement of quality of services, would fuel the facilities so as to take up minimally invasive technologies that helps in the early detection of various diseases and thereby improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the system of healthcare delivery.

Diagnostic Endoscopy Procedures Market: Company Profiling

Major market participants that are operating in the world market for diagnostic endoscopy procedures are China Resources Phoenix Healthcare Holdings Company Limited, Medical Facilities Corporation, Tenet Healthcare Corporation, Surgical Care Affiliates, AMSURG Corporation, Ramsay Health Care, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd, IHH Healthcare Berhad, and others.

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