Digital Signage Media Player Market – Technological Advancements in North America put Regional Market at Forefront

A media player is a compact personal computer or processor that controls digital displays and runs various applications on systems. Media players are small devices that can be located in in digital signage installations and systems or are operated remotely. In digital signage installations, every screen displays something unique. The media players are attached to the back of the digital display and are connected via cable. In systems, multiple screens display similar content. Media players can be operated remotely using signal distribution equipment. Remote media players are mostly rack-mounted in an IT closet.

Digital signage is an integration of signage with touch screens, beacons, and RFID technologies and sensors. It allows two-way communication with end-users via smartphones or other communication devices. Multiple types of hardware is used in every digital signage installation. The hardware helps delivering content to the screen. Typically, a digital signage system includes one or more display screens/dashboards and media players, digital signage software, and a back-end server that can handle content storage, scheduling, and user access. In several cases, the user interface and back-end server are bundled together into a product known as content management system (CMS).

End-users may create and update content quickly and with ease. They can create and schedule play lists and handle added tasks using digital signage software on a personal computer or other device such as a smartphone. Then, the digital signage media player stores and plays the digital content, which may include images, audio, documents, or video or a combination of the all these. Each media player pushes the content to the display screens according to a predefined or already set play list. The users of smartphone can interact directly with digital signage screens.

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For instance, they can share content on social media, play games, take part in a poll, etc.. This engagement (of end-users with media players) enhances the consumer experience and assists advertisers in understanding consumer behavior as users can now evaluate and respond as per their preferences. Recent trends in the digital signage market, such as interactivity, consumer engagement, and predictive analytics, are helping digital signage media player providers to gain insights and plan their investment accordingly.

The digital signage media player market can be segmented based on component, product, application, and region. In terms of component, the digital signage media player market can be classified into hardware and software. Based on product, the digital signage media player market can be categorized into entry level, advanced level, and enterprise level. In terms of application, the digital signage media player market can be classified into retail, public spaces, corporate offices, BFSI, transportation and tourism, education, entertainment, hospitality, and health care. Based on region, the global digital signage media player market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. North America and Europe are expected to dominate the global digital signage media player market during the forecast period.

The digital signage media player market in North America is expected to expand, owing to a rise in the use of media players for signage applications in the retail, entertainment, transportation, and BFSI sectors across the region. High demand for and increasing investments in digital signage systems and well developed infrastructure in North America are likely to further boost the digital signage media player market. Moreover, an increase in the deployment of digital signage media players across retail stores, restaurants, shopping malls, and airports is anticipated to propel the digital signage media player market in China as most of these products are imported from the country.

The digital signage media player market is characterized by intense rivalry among key players and a rise in the number of new entrants. Market players are focusing more and more on research and development in order to integrate new and advanced functions into media players. Some of the key players operating in the digital signage media player market include Advantech Co., Ltd., IBase Technology, AOpen, Inc., Brightsign LLC, IAdea, Broadsign, NEXCOM International, Inc., Onelan, Scala, HP, Visix, Inc., Broadsign, Clearone, and Barco.


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