Kennel Management Software Market is expected to grow significantly due to the growing trend of pet adoption

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Various players are entering the kennel management software market. Key players operating in the kennel management software market include DaySmart Software, K9 Bytes, Patterson Veterinary Supply, Blue Crystal Software, Auburn Software, Bizz Support Solutions, Gespet, Kennel Booker, Coda Associates, GrenSoft, OJ Networks,, eVetPractice, Kennel Link, Precise Petcare, Kennelite, Kennelplus, PawLoyalty, KennelSoft Software Systems, Pawfinity, PedFast Technologies, PetExec, ProPet Software, Revelation Pets, and Software Revolutions. Major players are executing several strategies such as R&D investments, partnerships, acquisitions, production innovation, and others in order to remain competitive in the market.

A kennel is an arrangement or shelter for pets. It is a building, collection of buildings, or a property in which pets such as dogs and cats are housed, maintained, and (though not in all cases) bred. Kennel software enables customers to track, schedule, and collect data associated with day care and pet boarding. Pet care and kennel service providers utilize the software to have proper documented records of pets visited, visiting, scheduled for a visit, and pet owners’ information, inventory and kennel’s earnings. Kennels are progressively adopting kennel management software as they handle large volumes of pets and customer data that include both medical data of pets and administrative data of the kennel. Kennel management software systems are frequently used by private pet care centers. The increasing number of pet owners is offering enormous opportunity for the pet care industry, which is anticipated to contribute significantly to the kennel management software market during the forecast period.

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The kennel management software market is experiencing strong growth due to the rising adoption of cloud-based software systems. This decreases the customer set up efforts and costs. In addition, the Kennel Management Software market is expected to grow significantly due to the growing trend of pet adoption. The Kennel Management Software market is expected to see strong sales of products and services due to the rising pet adopters, and high growth in personal use with the increasing number of pet adoptions, Moreover, integration of new services offered by kennel management software to customers is anticipated to drive the market growth during the forecast period.

Availability of open source kennel management software and lack of awareness about the implementation of the software is expected to limit the expansion of Kennel Management Software market in the coming years.

The global kennel management software market can be segmented based on application, deployment type, and region. Based on deployment type, the Kennel Management Software market can be classified into cloud and on premise. Cloud-based segment is expected to rise significantly due to the rising adoption of cloud technology. Cloud-based software decreases the effort and time required to update and integrate new services offered by the software. Low cost, smooth integration, and rising popularity of cloud-based software is expected to fuel the kennel management software growth. In terms of application, the Kennel Management Software market can be categorized into home use and pet store & animal management stations.

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Based on region, the global kennel management software market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. North America has a growing population of pets. A larger number of the population possesses pets in rich nations that have high standards of living. The large number of pets have in turn generated demand related services and products including training, pet care products, pet grooming, and pet foods. This has increased the adoption of kennel management software in the region. Digital pet care technologies are extensively used in Europe to offer advanced personalized pet care services to the pet population in the region.


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