Our Team

Cristina Tyler – Editor
[email protected]

Born in American, Cristina lives in Europe and is currently working from London. She holds a bachelors degree in medical research with first class honours in neuroscience. Cristina enjoys writing in a range of fields in health science research.

David Pharrel – Contributor
[email protected]

Born in London, David moved to the US to pursue higher education and holds bachelors degree in fashions design. He has worked with many American brands and is currently prusuing the path of online journalism

Laurel Hill – Sub-Editor
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Laurel lives in New York and covers major fashion shows across the US. She has worked with a number of online publishers as a contributor. Wanting to play key role in the editorial cycle of a firm, she joined this publication back in Jan 2018.

Matthew Perry – Contributing Editor
[email protected]

Matthew is a pharmacy graduate with 6 years of experience working as a pharmacist. Because of his love for writing, Matthew has always been drawn to blogging and journalism. He eventually decided to jump the online journalism bandwagon and is currently working as contributing Editor at this publication.

Rosa Pearson – Reporter
[email protected]

Rosa is always on the field working with health care centers and medical research facilities around the world interviewing citizens, medical professionals and university researchers hunting for stories that are worth covering and reporting.

William Orr – Reporter
[email protected]

William is a lifestyle journalist with 5 years of experience as a fashion and lifestyle blogger. He had a dedicated column in the New York journal before being given the responsibilities of covering major lifestyle events across the US at this publication.